At the Lucky Dog Music Hall - Worcester, MA (10/04/01)



I arrived at the Lucky Dog Music Hall around 9:30pm, with a surprise for the fellas of SUGAR DADDY.....I brought along a new artillery for my funky gear....a brand new blue-colored long wig. Lead vocalist/guitar Cashton Keyes and bassist Dr. Longstroke got a real kick out of it!! They gave a free SUGAR DADDY T-shirt and shotglass, as compensation for a screw-up on a Sugar Daddy merchandise item during the summer months!!

Sugar Daddy got down to business with some serious funk at 10:45pm. "Drippin' Down" featured some seriously freakish keyboardisms by Sweetstick (a la Bernie Worrell)!! "Buried Sunshine" was very good, as was "Grudge" (a new song that's featured on the CD single that Sugar Daddy was selling that night)'s a slow-grinding, sleazy, funk-rock tune with a chant from Funkadelic's "Funk Gets Stronger (Killer-Millimeter Longer)"....."It's gotta be funky....everything I do from now on!" No one in the audience of 20 people could resist the irresistible groove!! (20 people?? What the hell is goin' on in Worcester, MA???? Is everybody too busy sleeping to get their funk on??? Were a lot of the Worcester folks hiding in their houses from the possibility of Taliban retaliation tactics?? I found that weak audience turnout shit un-freaking-believable!!) "Interplanetary Freak" featured some super-strong, smelly bassisms by Dr. Longstroke!! "When You Were Funky" was followed by a one-minute version of Funkadelic's "Hardcore Jollies".......great funk bass & rock guitar combination! There was a new song that Sugar Daddy featured after "Hardcore Jollies" (the name......I don't know)! "Ain't a Thang" featured some funky scratch guitarisms by Cashton Keyes and a heavy drum solo by The Candyman!! The show ended at 11:35pm.

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