At the Baby Jupiter - NYC (3/09/01)



Baboo & Cashton Keyes........two of the best funk musicians in the Boston area!!

At 10:20pm, the Boston-baked funk band, Sugar Daddy, started funkatizing their audience........actually, there were only 2 or 3 asses in the club that were funkatized--the rest of the crowd was a bunch of Sir Noses! Also to the band's disappointment, there were only a handful of people checking them out! DAMN!

The first tune was "When You Were Funky"........a funky extravaganza with some nasty synthesized riffs by Sweetstick, sweet-ass bass riffs by Baboo, moments of tight drumming by Candyman, and guitar licks by Cashton Keyes......licks that were too strong for many of the Sir Noses's taste!! The bass solo was was smokin' like some eggs left in the skillet way too long!!!! The special highlight of the song was the was the all-too familiar guitar riff from Parliament's "I Call My Baby Pussycat" and Funkadelic's "Hardcore Jollies". The next song was pretty much similar to the first. "Underground" benefited from s'more nasty, funked-up synthesizer riffs! "Shower Song" was so filthy that it had me showering at least three times later that night, just so I can scrub off the too-strong, pungent funk!!!

The hardcore rock breakdown was the highlight of "Buried Sunshine".....well, the intense bass popping & smokey guitarisms weren't bad either!!

"Interplanetary Freak" (my most favorite Sugar Daddy tune) featured some stank bass riffs that melted the speakers!! (it was so funky that it could have summoned the real "mothership") The only problem was that the guitar was too low in the mix. "Focus on the Funk" featured some more intoxicating bass riffs......the band threw in samples of P-Funk's "Quickie", "Take Your Dead Ass Home", "Get Off Your Ass and Jam", and the chant "We Be Funkin' Over Here, Over There Ain't Shit!" (from the Prince & George Clinton collaboration, "We Can Funk") Sugar Daddy attempted to revive (give CPR) to some funk-dead asses in the club with "Good to Your Earhole", mostly to no avail. The Sugar Daddy clan concluded their funkalicious set at 11:05pm.

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The funky lead vocalist & guitarist, Greg Luttrell!

At 11:25pm, another "Beantown" funk group, MICHIGAN BLACKSNAKE, showed the crowd that they are some tight MF' the time, the crowd size had doubled but still so many people were Sir Nose'd out! The keyboards (by Ben Hillman) and sax riffs (by Dan Abreu) were very good, and Mik Mersha's bass riffs were smokin'! On good lead vocals and guitar was Greg Luttrell. For the next song, drummer Tony Hall took over the lead vocal spot on a mellow tune.

The next song started with a slice of rock guitar heaven (thanks, Greg), which led into a funk landscape that filled in with some spicy organ riffs by Dave and a soaring lead guitar solo!!

Michigan Blacksnake's version of "Fire" (originally by the Ohio Players) was good, but two criticisms:

1.     the dry, falsetto screeching by Mr. Luttrell can GO!

2.     the sax riffs that ended the original O.P. song were missing!

"Doreen" was a strong funk cut with some odorious bassisms & more good keyboards. The bass solo was kickin' (good bass popping) on Sly & the Family Stone's "Thank You Fallettinme Be Mice Elf Again"!!

"Tear the Roof Off the Sucka" was a nice addition.......Sugar Daddy's Cashton Keyes and Candyman joined the Blacksnake onstage for the chorus vocal support, along with one Dr. Brookenstein!! SO FUNKALICIOUS!!!

The band even tackled Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" with some funky attitude! The Michigan Blacksnake clan ended their venomous attack at 1:05am.

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