At the Bowery Ballroom - NYC (9/7/04)



At 10:50pm, the original lineup of TACKHEAD (Doug Wimbish, Skip "Little Axe" McDonald, Keith LeBlanc, Bernard Fowler and Adrian Sherwood) began their funky set with the insane party track, "Ska Trek" playing over the speakers. Doug Wimbish (bassist) thanked all the fans for comin' to their first few shows in 14 years! It was off to some good bass-funk of "Tell Me The Hurt", featuring the soulful vocals of Mr. Bernard Fowler and the heavy, meaty bass attack by Doug....a few times, Doug chimed in on vocals with Little Axe adding spice to the mix with his subdued lead guitar chords! "Dangerous Sex" was good, but there was so much static from the lead mic that it became unbearable. Doug rapped on the track and played some monstrous bass, along with the red-hot rock guitarisms! Let me say that it was nice to have Adrian Sherwood adding some effects to the mix (audio and ESPECIALLY video).....there were video streamed to the large canvas behind the band that showed images that pertained to the songs......very nice!!!) "Stealing" featured some of the best Fowler lead vocals and so' more bass funk with moments of guitar brilliance. "My Life" (a beautiful ballad, inspired from a bass jam that Doug used to warm up the shows with) was followed by "Get Away" (off of Bernard's upcoming CD, which featured some tight drumming by Keith. The next song was a drum & uptight bass jam with good synthesizer chords....it was fast and techno-sounding with some weird sound effects. "Stormy Weather"....Doug, you gotta stop spankin' that bass so good (my ears are still bleeding)....and there was a duel between Doug's monster bass and Skip's fiery guitar!!!!!!!!!!! "Airborne Ranger" was a nice piece of military-style funk-rock where the audience chanted the lyrics along with Doug and Bernard! DJ Logic stopped by to give up the funk on the turntables for one song......it was a drum/bass/turntables jam type of thang!

And now, for a commercial break..............................

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..............And now, back to our regularly scheduled program (already in progress)!!

"The Message" (the Sugar Hill Gang song everybody knows) was performed by the composer of the rap tune, Duke Booty....with the audience singing the chorus. "Hammerhead" was DA BOMB.....with Little Axe on lead vocals, Doug on some heavy bass, and the trio (Doug, Bernard & Skip) on the harmonizing tip!!! "Headfake in the Area" featured SPECIAL GUEST Wil Calhoun on the funky drumz and some crazy "guitar"-picking by Doug!!!!! "Terrorism" was some hardcore rock, with some heavy drums & cymbals by Wil....."CIA, FBI, CNN....TERRORISM!!! GEORGE (W.) BUSH IS A ..... TERRORISM!!!" Another song by Tackhead ended the show at 12:45am.

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