At B.B. King's Blues - NYC (2/28/03)



Jerome Benton, the crazy sidekick of Morris Day!!!

The ultra-cool funky outfit from Minneapolis, Morris Day & The Time, rolled onstage at 8:05pm and fired up the audience on some "Wild & Loose", featuring the synthesizer funk of Monte Moir and Chance Howard! The synthesized funk of Monte was extra-thick on "The Stick", but the next song "My Drawers" was a piece of funk-rock geniuses....Morris Day never sounded so great! Great synthesized funk on "Fishnet" was followed by "The Oak Tree" and "Jerk Out", featuring the funky, funky bass of Freeze!! Jerome Benton was the usual nut walkin' around in the audience talking to some girls and askin' one to "Get It Up"........that song was followed by "C-O-O-L" (that spells "Cool").......a crowd pleaser with a lot of audience participation! "777-9311" and "Gigolos Get Lonely Too" were followed by the music of "If The Kid Can't Make You Come (Nobody Can)", over which Morris and Jerome decided to fuck with the audience, saying stuff like "Since y'all ain't gone talk shit about us, we gonna have to talk shit about y'all!" Morris and Jerome picked on a few people in the audience, including a waiter! The duo quizzed members of the audience on the type of shoes and pants that they were wearing.........answer is (of course): "Stacy Adams" and "a fresh pair of baggies"!!! (One person answered (just) "baggies"....he only got partial credit......."funky baggies" was no better!) "The Bird" was a funky jam that got everybody (I mean "everybody") out of their seats!! Jellybean Johnson was da man behind the hard-hitting "skins". Audience members were allowed onstage to jam with the band, including one Dr. Brookenstein stepping with Morris and Jerome! Of course, the encore featured Jerome getting every audience member going "Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh aah aah aah aah aah aah aah aah", sounding so ridiculous! Morris came out and demonstrated the correct way to do was on to "Jungle Love" (OH-EE-OH-EE-OH!!) The ending to this absolute funk feast was Tori Ruffin's pyrotechnic guitarisms, which set everyone on Cloud 10 (forget Cloud 9)! The first show was over at 9:25pm.

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