At the Carter Barron Amphitheatre - Washington, DC (6/24/06)



I arrived at the show late (at 9:30pm) to miss the opening song "Sex Machine" (not the James Brown one, the LONG FUNKY INSTRUMENTAL by Sly Stone)...I heard that the Family Stone blew the roof off the place with that one. "Dance to The Music" sounded so good it was like listening to the record...I was digging the vocals of Vet Stone, Skyler Jett and the other female vocalist (I can't remember her name now)! I love the funky horns...Cynthia Robinson was a bad MOFO on the trumpet and the trombonist & saxophonist were good, too!!!! The funky "Sing a Simple Song" featured some tight, tight drumming. "Stand!", "Family Affair" and "Everyday People" were all good, and followed by the music of"In Time", featuring all musicians in a tight, funky good as Sly himself would want it!! "Hot Fun in the Summertime" was fitting for the warm night (it was raining early and the rain stopped just when the show started)."If You Want Me to Stay" featured some HOT solos by the trombonist and saxophonist. "Somebody's Watching You" started with a beautiful piano intro and featured Vet on lead vocals...the highlight was the lead guitar screeching and the ending (which was some nasty funk-rock stuff with heavy organ riffing)...OH, I CANNOT FORGOT THE KILLIN' DRUM SOLO!!! "Everybody is a Star" was nice, but better was the too-funky poppin' bass riffs that started and ended the song "Thank You Fallentime Be Mice Elf Agin"...Vet and the other vocals led the fans in singing the chorus...and we were too happy to oblige!!! EVERY BEHIND WAS OUT OF ITS SEAT!! The song segued into "Thank You For Talking to Me Africa" and the bass was still SMOKIN' !!! "I Wanna Take You Higher" was a serious crowd-pleaser that brought the show to an end at 10:45pm.

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