Morris Day & The Time

At B.B. King's, NYC - 2/03/01



I arrived a little late at 9:00pm to see the magic that is Morris Day & The Time. Freeze froze the audience with some PHUNKY basslines and Monte Moir stank up the restaurant with some smelly synthesized riffs on "Get It Up" and "C-O-O-L"!!! The big guy on second keyboards, Chance, provided some illicitly nasty riffs during the "Go Morris Go!" chant! Jellybean Johnson provided the fans with a tight, delicious drum solo on "777-9311"....Torry jumped in with some fiery lead guitarisms & Freeze did some bass-slapping funk!!

"If The Kid Can't Make You Come, Nobody Can" was the background to the Old Schooler's Quiz, where Morris and Jerome Benton asked the audience to identify the type of shoes and pants the duo were sporting......answers: Stacy Adams and baggies. Then the duo asked for some adjectives for the pants......answers: fresh pair of baggies or the hotel with the largest ballroom!! Torry did some blues-funk guitarisms (B.B. King-style) that smoked!!!

Some new additions to The Time's set that made this show even better than the previous ones:

1.   Ice Cream Castles

2.   White Girls

3.   U Got 2 Shake Something (chant)

"Ice Cream Castles" featured spurts of hardcore rock guitarisms and the romanticizing of a beautiful nubian princess by guitar, courtesy of Mr. Nasty Good-tarist, Torry!! "White Girls" was a Prince bootleg tune that I received back in 1995...... it is a funky song with some JB influence, especially on rhythm guitar and bass!! "U Got 2 Shake Somethin'" is another bootleg song that I received in 1996 (sources say it was done by a group named Flash, but I think it's Prince in disguise)!! After heavy ass-shakin' by the female fans onstage, Jerome announced, "Alright, you got your 12 minutes of fame, now get your ass off the stage!" Jerome started the chant for "The Walk", but that changed into "The Bird"......everyone was up trying to take off like eagles!!! The show ended at 9:55pm, but the encore came at was "Jungle Love" which was preceded by Jerome having everyone do a variation of the Morris Day "wild ape call". Everyone caught a bad case of "sorebuttitis", from uncontrollably shakin' their moneymakers!!" The set ended at 10:05pm.

I got the chance to get backstage to meet Morris and the guys. I spent most of the time with Jerome, Bowlegged Lou (of 1980's muscle-bound R&B band, Full Force) who is currently doing some production work, and some of my friends.

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