At the Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ (2/01/03)



1.     TM Stevens - deadliest bassist (O.O.C.), lead vocalist, leader

2.     P.M. Eaton (of P.M. & the New Breed) - nasty guitarist, vocalist

3.     Chuck Treece (of STARR CULLARS band) - power drummer

4.     Darrell "Kason" Otey - rapper with a purpose

5.     TIffany - rapper with sex appeal

At 12:00 midnight, the nastiest, baddest, most lethal bassist alive, TM STEVENS, started his show with "No Good Without the Bad", a nasty hardcore song with a solid rock bassline & heavy guitar riffs! "Sticky Wicked" featured the rock guitar blast solo of P.M. Eaton!! "Body Bag" was too wicked for words.......nuff said! Aahh....the Stone Pony was trembling under the weight of the heavy-duty rockisms!! TM went into a jam that sounded a little like "Thumb", but had the audience chanting "We Want The Funk, Give Up the Funk".......the TM bass was so funky and loud that the windows inside the club began to shake!! "Perfect Waters" was followed by "The Gift (We're Not Goin' Home)" and the audience participation was very, very good (some serious fans in the house, fo'sure!) "Go My Way" was another hardcore slam track, but funkier was the song "Stand On Up" with s'more funky, funky bass plucking & some rapping by Kason! "Family Man" was another rap song but it was done with a harder rock edge feel, thanks to TM and PM!! The audience participation was nothing short of phenomenal!!
The bomb dropped on the Stone Pony when the band did a stank-ass, electrifying version of "Hair", along with "Raw Like Sushi"........too hardcore, definitely illegal in the USA!! "Boom" was just that.......EXPLOSIVE!!! Totally boombastic drum soloing by the dangerous Chuck Treece! The tempo change towards the end was also really good!!! The show unfortunately ended at 1:30am.

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