At the Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ (4/2/04)



At 11:50pm, TM Stevens started his funk-rock extravaganza with "It's All Good", featuring the stank-ass bass riffs of Mr. TM Stevens, himself!!! (AWW, SHUCKS!!!) It was time for a funky groove, featuring the chanting of the P-Funk anthem "We Want The Funk, Give Up The Funk" and the tight drumming of Gary "G-Man" Sullivan!! New guitar player, Michael, did an amazing, scorchin' lead guitar solo during "Go My Way"! The audience could smell the burning rock-funk metal of the tune "To The Max"! "The River Flow" was very good, and was followed by "No Good Without the Bad", featuring the lethal power of the G-Man on drums! "Soul Power/Sex Machine/Sexy MF" was so good that TM pulled a 15-year-old birthday boy onstage with four hot girls, accompanied by one Dr. Brookenstein who added his vocals with TM! TM began to do some serious funkafied jamming on his bass......NOW, THIS IS A GOOD PLACE FOR A STICK-UP!! The best was yet to come.....TM did some super-fast bass riffing to the song "Thumb" and it was ON.....the bass was smolderin' and the guitar & drum solos were red-hot!! The band performed THE SQUEEZE ("Hair/Raw Like Sushi/Boom") which exploded the Stone Pony! It was so raw and funky that the band had to end their set at 1:15am.

At 1:30am, the last band, HASH BROWN, went on and did some songs. This was some very good stuff with a good bass player and an excellent lead/rhythm guitarist. They covered the spectrum from straight-up rock to some funk-rock stuff. Their set ended at 2:00am.

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