TM Stevens
(with Bobby Floyd)

At the Cooler, NYC (8/25/00)


At 10:50pm, Bobby Floyd got the audience pumped up with some gutbucket funkiness--he had the whole audience funkatized!! He performed a funk original (with Greg Greene's funky rhythm guitarisms & excellent lead guitaring and Booker King's good, phunky bass licks!!!) and a reggae original (with Bruce Martin's excellent keyboards, Paul Shapiro's taste of baritone sax, and Booker & Tommy Drayton's bass & drum solo, respectively)! The organ riffs and wah-wah guitar were irresistble on Sly Stone's "If You Want Me To Stay". Fiery guitar soloism was the highlight of "Juicy Loosey"! Booker smoked The Cooler with a thumpasorus bass intro on Gil Scott-Heron's "The Bottle"! More smokey guitar riffs was the highlight of Dennis Edwards's "Don't Look Any Further" . The band churned out some serious funk on Bobby Byrd's "I Know You Got Soul", as the solos on bass & drums were enough to shake New York's meat-packing district into a frenzy! At 12:10am, the Bobby Floyd band did an encore perofrmance of James Brown's "Sex Machine" with some good keyboards by Bruce and Frankie Floyd, and good rhythm guitaring by Greg. The Bobby Floyd experience ended at 12:20am.

At 12:50am, TM Stevens ripped apart The Cooler with some funk-rock explosiveness on "I'm a Believer", with fierce drums (by Gonzo), red-hot guitarisms (by Kirk Douglas), and bone-crushing bass force (by TM himself). "Ground Zero" had a part that sounded like Funkadelic's "Red Hot Momma" and it was DA SHIZNIT!!! "Ground Zero" included a guest rapper by the name of K. Boogie.

During "Ground Zero", TM and everyone did the "Sexy MF" chant (by Prince), and three beautiful ladies were escorted onstage to shake their asses!!! TM asked for a male volunteer to shake it with the last female volunteer and he grabbed "moi" (yours truly)!! Brookenstein shook his ass with a cute white female!! There was a funky showdown between the bass and the drums!!! "Turn Me On" featured fiery, 1000-degree Celsius hot guitarisms by Kirk!! "The Gift (We're Not Goin' Home)" was an inspirational, powerful rock ballad with earth-shaking bass introism by TM Stevens!! TM got in the audience and coerced some fans into plucking a string from his bass (a new, very interesting concept on audience participation) on the Graham Central Station song, "Hair"!! The next song ventured into the world of the Mothership Connection, with chants of "Swing Down, Sweet Chariot, stop and let me ride!" and an adaptation of "Take Your Dead Ass Home"!! The fans sang as if the mothership was actually going to land inside The Cooler!! The rock energy increased about 50-fold on the hardcore rocker "Raw (Like Sushi)".....the rock energy caused several fans to fall victim to dehydration and exhaustion!! WHEN YOU SEE TM STEVENS PLAY, YOU BETTER HAVE SOME PARAMEDICS ON STANDBY!! At 1:55am, the TM Stevens rock experience ended.

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