TM Stevens

At the Brighton Bar - Long Branch, NJ (10/05/02)


I arrived at the Brighton Bar at 11:50am, just to walk in on TM Stevens doing a couple of heavy-duty funk-rock blast tunes! TM took no prisoners on the deadly rock song, "Body Bag"....with some hellified ear-splitting guitarisms by Kirk Douglas and TM's hardcore bass riffs!! "From" featured some serious bass acrobatics by TM.........oooohh!! TM's bass solo was just too, too nasty....especially with the "Voodoo Chile" segment! Hardcore drummer Chuck Treece provided the most irresistible drum solos ever!! "Perfect Waters" was preceded by a bass riff from Jimi Hendrix's "The Wind Cries Mary", while "The Gift (We're Not Goin' Home)" featured a fiery guitar solo by Kirk! "Stand on Up" was a funky, funky jam featuring a good portion of James Brown's "Sex Machine"!! "Family Man" featured the chorus of Sly Stone's "Family Affair" and some raps by Cason....the audience participation was high as the fans chanted "It's a family affair!"

"Hair" (originally by Graham Central Station) was so bass-heavy funky that it shook the foundation of the Brighton Bar to the point of total demolition!! It didn't hurt that Kirk handled co-lead vocals on this funky feast!! The song segued into the pyrotechnic, explosive tune "Raw (Like Sushi)"!! Lots of heads were bangin' to this overpowering rock force, while the others looked around at the devastation of the Brighton Bar! The last song, "Boom"....uh....was exactly that! A final rock explosion by the TM band ended the show at 1:00am.

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