At Downtown - Farmingdale, NY (8/26/04)



TM STEVENS, leader of Shocka Zooloo (yeah mon!!)!!!!

At 10:05pm, TM Stevens and the Shocka Zooloo Band started with some nasty, speed funk-rock of "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)/O.O.C. (Out of Control)" from the TM Stevens CD, BOOM....what can I say??


"It's All Good" was very good, and so was the powerful jam of "We Want The Funk", featuring the hook of "Cholly (Funk Gettin' Ready to Roll)" and the highly volatile bass attack of the bass monster himself, TM STEVENS!!!!!! The little duel between TM and guitarist Mike Barnes was great, too!! "Go My Way" and "Sex Machine/Soul Power" was da bomb, the latter featuring some of TM's favorite fans onstage shakin' that ass, including Mike and Gary "G-Man" Sullivan (the drummer)! "The River Flow" was good, but better was the rasta-funk of the reggae/rock-tinged "Maximum Respect"! Gary "G-Man" Sullivan nearly brought the Downtown to ruins with his crazy, seismic drums....did anybody see G-Man's hands moving??!! "Hair" was soooooooooo nasty, because of super-size helping of stankalicious funk bass.....enough to make a bald man's hair follicles to spout enough hair for a large Afro in 15 seconds or less!! "Raw (Like Sushi)" was serious lead guitar territory and "Boom" shook the room to death, especially the sped-up ending......yeah, the fans were having serious FUNK CHAIRCH (not CHURCH), baba!!! The SHOCKA ZOOLOO EXPERIENCE was done at 11:15pm.

Dr. Brookenstein (red pimpin' pimpin') with a female companion!

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At 11:50pm, Funk Filharmonik began their funk show with an intro and a little jam that featured some Tower of Power's "Squib Cakes"....the horns were tight on this piece! "Get Yo Feet Back on the Ground" featured some great lead and background vocals, the lead vocals done by former T.O.P. frontman Tom Bowes!! "The Goose, The Skunk and The Fly" was a funky showcase with some hot lead guitarisms and standout basswork....the synthesized grooves and saxophone solo were da bomb! "Down to the Niteclub" and "Maybe It'll Rub Off" were nice and funky, along with "Souled Out" which featured a show-stopping percussion solo and a great drum solo. Then, it was time to get into the Earth, Wind & Fire mode of the show with the EWF funk suite ("Brazilian Rhyme/Serpentine Fire/Sing-a-Song/September/Getaway/Got to Get You Into My Life/Shining Star")...."Brazilian Rhyme" and "Shining Star" featured some great electric piano riffs!! "Funky Stuff" featured some great, funky rhythm guitar riffs! "Jungle Boogie" was good, but better was the soulful vocalizations of Tom Bowes on "So Very Hard to Go". I left before the show was over, at 12:55am, so I can get some sleep and get an early start on a project (that following afternoon).

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