At Double D's - Morristown, NJ (6/24/05)



First of all, let me say that this was one of the most intense shows ever!!! TM Stevens (heavy metal funk superstar) and VICE featuring Corey Glover (funk metal act with an attitude) ONE show??!!! That's enough to have AMBULANCES ON STANDBY!!! Poor Double D's will have to be rebuilt because of the bomb that was dropped by these acts! All the ladies that were stripping next door ran out of the building, seeking shelter from this storm!!

Master of HEAVY METAL FUNK, TM Stevens!!!!!!

TM Stevens & Shocka Zooloo began their set at 10:30pm with some blazing guitar riffs by the Master Blaster himself, Michael Barnes! "Turn Me On" was more of the guitar blast coupled with some heavy, crunchin' bass by TM Stevens!! Afterwards, TM began telling the truth concerning the horrible state of music in America....talking about "you can buy a $60 ticket to see Britney Spears dance around, trying to act cute. I'm not here to be cute....I'm here to play from my heart." The SMOKIN' "Mamma Said So" was followed by "Go My Way", filled with fiery lead guitarisms, some insanely fast bass plucking after the first chorus, and an Afrocentric breakdown featuring Carlos on the great percussion tip (on congas)! What followed was a super-funky jam and the Larry Graham classic "Hair"....this was the hardest, heaviest and roughest funk to ever fill Double D's! "To The Max" featured a good bit of Chuck Brown's "Bustin' Loose", Prince's "Sexy MF" and the P-Funk chant "We Want The Funk"....some sexy ladies were onstage shakin' their moneymakers! (Awww....shucks, now!) "What About Love" featured the baddest, most lethal drum pounding at the end, by the one and only......(TRUMPETS please...............) Mr. Gary "G-Man" Sullivan!!! It was funny seeing TM and Michael jamming together as loud as they can! The encore performance of "Maximum Respect" ended the Shocka Zooloo set at 11:40pm.

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Corey Glover is one phenomenal, phantastic phool!!

At 12:20am, Corey Glover and VICE finally took the stage, with two noticeable things: the original drummer Nathaniel Townsley was back in the mix AND the original bassist (Booker King) was replaced by this white guy, Eddie Martin........HUH??????!!!!!! The nasty "Original Sin" was followed by the red-hot rocker "Rose"....Mike Ciro ripped it up on lead guitar and Nathaniel tore up the drums at the conclusion of the song!!!!!! "Last Temptation" featured more soulful ad-libbing by Corey! "I Was Made to Love Her" was followed by the Living Colour classic "Love Rears Its Ugly Head", where Corey was joking about the life he had before the marriage and soon-arrival of a baby. Seriously, Corey said that if he jumped and ran out of the nightclub, don't be surprised 'cuz he was expecting the baby any second. (I hope Mr. & Mrs. Glover and the baby are doing fine now!) The band stretched the song out and did some soloing as Corey took a break from the mic. The next song was a mellow tune with some hard-rocking through the choruses....the bass licks by Eddie were funky! "Manifesto" was a piece of lethal funk-rock that was followed by the mellower "One". A long guitar jam ensued with some ad-libbing by Corey....that led to the electrifying rock of "Do You First, Then Do Myself".....the bass and drums were raw and nasty, and the guitar screeching was ear-shattering!! Just to make things crazier, the band threw in the Living Colour super-hit "Cult of Personality" as an encore....hard-rock madness that brought Double D's to a smolderin' heap of brick, wood and metal!!! The wrecking crew known as VICE finished their demolition at 1:35am.

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