At the Tribeca Rock Club - NYC (12/18/03)



Dave "Fuze" Fuicyznski!!

At 12:10am, the Screaming Headless Torsos started with the funky rock tune, "My Mind is a River", featuring the great vocals of Dean Bowman, some good percussion by Dan Sadonwick & blazing guitar riffs by Dave Fuicyznski!! "Vinnie" featured more of Dean's vocals and some of his "yodeling".....the vox populi is still in effect!! The guys did an little instrumental version of the tune before going into the vocal version. During the middle of the tune, there was some great percussion by Dan and drummer Tobias (on cowbells)!! Dean connected with the audience by motioning some people to come forward....some got hi-fives and some were treated to Dean's scary "tiger look" pose! There was a slow song afterwards that featured "higher than high" guitar screeches by Dave, followed by the song "Darryl Dawkins". The last song of the night was the jazzy "Word to Herb", featuring some scatting by Dean and some good solid bass lines by Fima Ephron. The show was over at 1:00am.

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