Tower of Power (in Glenside, PA) - 6/02/98




At 9:35pm, Tower of Power came out and did an extra-funky set, full of slammin' tracks.


Most of the songs performed were:


·         Oakland Stroke

·         I Like Your Style

·         You Strike My Main Nerve

·         East Bay Way

·         Soul Vaccination

·         This Time It's Real

·         You Got to Funkifize

·         Willing To Learn

·         Soul With a Capital "S"

·         Squib Cakes

·         Digging on James Brown

·         What is Hip?




·         You're Still a Young Man

·         So I Got To Groove


·         Stephen "Doc" Kupka did a wonderful baritone sax solo, while one trumpet player kicked serious ass with his trumpet.....he kicked so much ass that large sparks literally shot out from his trumpet and into the air!!!

·         "Soul Vaccination" was DA BOMB......DAMN!! I wish I had my vaccination shot a long time ago!!

·         "You Got To Funkifize" is so freakin' funky, with Emilio Castillo on vocals......go ahead, Emilio, with your bad self!

·         "You're Still a Young Man" is so beautiful, so soulful......a wonderful Tower of Power ballad!

·         The drum solo before the tune "Squib Cakes" was very good!

·         Emilio was once again singing lead vocals on "Digging on James Brown".... who said white people can't be funky? A wonderful tune about a wonderful artist, The Godfather of Soul!!!

·         The lead guitar solo was EXCELLENT!!!

·         The best song, besides "Soul Vaccination" was "What is Hip?"......DAMN!!! I know what is hip......T. O. P. (they were hip back then and they are STILL hip!!)!!!

T. O. P. was over at 10:50pm, but they came back for an encore at 10:55pm......they played until 11:15pm.

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