At Sculler's Jazz Club - Boston, MA (4/30/04)


At 10:35pm, Tower of Power hit the Bostonians with some real funk called "Can't You See (You're Doin' Me Wrong)" with the T.O.P. horns (leader Emilio Castillo, Stephen "Doc" Kupka, Tom Politzer, Mike Bogart and Adolfo Acosta) in tip-top shape and some great vocals by Mr. Larry Braggs! "Get Your Feet On the Ground" and "Credit" were funky, but better was "This Type of Funk" with some tight drumming by David Garibaldi, electrifying guitar licks by Jeff Tamelier, and super-thumpin' bassisms by the master himself Mr. Francis Rocco Prestia!! The funky bassline for "So I Got to Groove" was too, too could feel the room shakin'!! The ballad "Time Will Tell" was followed by a funky tribute to James Brown called........"Diggin' on James Brown", featuring Emilio on lead vocals and "Doc" gettin' deep & nasty with the baritone sax!! "Gimme Your Love", "Funkafize" and "This Time It's Real" were followed by the knock-out funk of "Knock Yourself Out", featuring some mo' of Rocco's cookin' bass riffs, powerful drumming, and some good organ riffs by Roger Smith!! The encore for the evening......"What is Hip?" (what else?!)....the highlights were the bad-ass organ riffs by Roger and the powerful trumpet solo of Adolfo Acosta!! The show was over around 11:45pm.

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