At B.B. King's Blues Club - NYC (10/29/07)


Guitarist/vocalist Van Hunt!!!!

At 9:20pm, the Van Hunt set began with some serious funky jamming, followed by "Hello Goodbye" and "Highlights". "Turn My TV On" was some weird, oft-kilter type of funk with some good funky bass lines. The next song was a ballad that turned into some super-stupid funk with George "Paisley" Gordon on guitar and a keyboardist (name?) on some nasty clavinet! Another ballad was followed by a song ("Southern Shade") that featured a blazing lead guitar solo by was a hardcore funk-rock jam sandwiched in a R&B tune that featured some great drumming! "If I Take You Home" was good...Van Hunt had the ladies singing "If I take you home, will you respect me in the morning?" and the guys singing "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" ACTUALLY, THE FANS WERE REALLY INTO THIS STUFF.....all the ladies in the house were singing the choruses to a lot of the songs!! "Dust" was followed by another oft-kilter funk song called "Hold My Hand". "Popular" was a slow, reggae-style song. "Down Here in Hell" was followed by the hot & funky "Hot Stage Lights". The encore performance featured Van Hunt doing a couple of acoustic songs (including "Seconds of Pleasure"). The last song, "The Lowest 1 of My Desires", featured some funky scratch guitaring by Van Hunt and had one of the most jarring lyrics ever heard this night ("I wanna fuck you, baby i wanna touch and rub all over you, baby") ... and all of the fellas were singing this lyric! This featured some of the nastiest, craziest hardcore rock guitar & bas jamming!! The Van Hunt set was over at 10:40pm.

Former Original P guitarist, Paisley (George Gordon)!!!

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