VICE (featuring Corey Glover)

At Jarrod's Live Rock Venue - Attleboro, MA (5/10/02)



The amazing frontman/vocalist extraordinaire, MR. COREY GLOVER!!!!

At 11:45pm, the magical rock sensation called VICE began their set with the heavy rock of "Original Sin", followed by "Sermon" which featured a blistering lead guitar solo by the amazing Mike Ciro!!! The gospel jam towards the end was exhilarating!! "Last Temptation" was where vocalist/frontman extraordinaire Corey Glover broke down what is all about....."Love"! "One" sounded good with the heavy drums (courtesy of Kevin Dunn) kickin' the song into full gear!

Happy birthday to the lethal bass player, Booker King!!

"Rose" still kicks major ass with the odorious bass riffs of the birthday boy, Mr. Booker King!!

"I Was Made to Love Her" was a hi-powered, slow-burning rock feast of smolderin' bass and red-hot guitar riffing.....noxious fumes filled the club, along with the soul-stirring vocals of Corey Glover!!!!

"Manifesto" featured some tight drumming. "Do You First, Then Do Myself" was the last was where Corey went into a deep gutbucket-hilarious explanation of the song....."Can you imagine the joy of fucking someone and then doing yourself? Don't that sound good? Next time, tell your girl that you'll do her and do yourself'll work wonders in your love life....tell her Corey told you about that!" (Of course, I thought, "How interesting......two fucks for the price of one! You CAN'T beat that! ......................oh, wait a COULD *beat that*!! Get it?!") Mike Ciro went into a musical intrepretation of the concept with his GOOD-TAR intro!! (Afterwards, he needed a towel and a cigarette!!) The encore was "Love Rears Its Ugly Head".........Mike's lead guitar solo was electrifying and so was Booker's bass solo!! The show was over at 1:00am.

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