VICE featuring Corey Glover

At the Bitter End - NYC (8/4/06)


The unbeatable vocalist, Corey Glover!!!!!!!

The folks at the Bitter End were in for some great hardcore rock & soul by the band Corey Glover & VICE. At 9:50pm,the band started with the driving rock force of žOriginal SinÓ, followed by the rock ballad žLast TemptationÓ, featuring Mike Ciro doing some of the best fiery rock guitar soloing he has ever done, along with some powerful drumming by Brian Dunn! žRoseÓ started with Mike doing a stirring mandolin solo.

Beautiful yet powerful rapper, FIRE!!

The ballad žOneÓ was followed by the King Crimson original ž21st Century Schizoid ManÓ, a super-intense metal song with a female rapper named Fire who thrashed about fiercely to the rock groove!! žManifestoÓ was another smokinŪ hardcore monster. žLove Rears Its Ugly HeadÓ did not feature the third verse (about the wedding march)÷instead Corey talked about loving his two kids and wife, changing diapers six times a day, middle-of-the-night bottle feeding, etc÷.the wedding was no longer a dream, but a reality. Also, Eddie Martin added some good funky bass, but Mike was killinŪ eardrums in the club with some of the most lethal guitar riffs! žI Was Made to Love HerÓ was followed by a mock version of the Backstreet BoysŪs song žI Want it That WayÓ, which the band did the verse and chorus÷but Corey decided to stop and redo the same thing in a slightly different manner. This version was 30 times better than the Backstreet BoysŪs original because the band was rocking it!!! The last song žDo You First, Then Do MyselfÓ was the total hardcore rocker that ended the set at 10:55pm.

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