Corey Glover & VICE

At Rex's Tavern - West Chester, PA (11/09/01)



At 12:15am, the bomb was dropped at the Rex's Tavern, but I don't know if most of the people really felt it. The reason I'm saying this is because most of the people were totally "frozen" and not into the head-banging, all-out dancing spirit that possessed a few rockheads near the stage!! It was a far different atmosphere than the Wetlands in New York City, which is now unfortunately some condo space in the Tribeca neighborhood!! "Original Sin" was as hard-edge, lethal rock as the first one I heard it at the Wetlands! "Sermon" was some nasty, wicked rock shit with some pulverizing bass riffs by Booker King, power drumming by Skoota Warner, and hot guitar licks by Michael Ciro!! Corey Glover's vocals were very strong!!!!!! (of course, Corey never seems to have a bad day!) "Last Temptation" was good because the fiery guitar solo, but "One" sounded better with some super-tight drumming!! Michael did a long guitar solo as the intro to "Rose", another heavy-duty rock song......the heavy drum breakdown at the end was the icing on the fuckin' cake!!!!!!!!

"I Was Made to Love Her" (a Stevie Wonder classic) got a super-heavy rock update by VICE.....Corey's vocals were definitely powerful, as well as the solid bass & fiery guitar licks!! THIS MUST BE IN EVERY VICE SET!!!!

"Manifesto" was good, even with a couple of fans in the audience reciting the vocal sample, "There goes that sound again!"

"Do You First, Then Do Myself", another head-banging rock-de-force included Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)"......lethal rock shit that turned into a softer rock groove with powerful rock guitarisms.....the shit returned to the lethal rock groove from before......Booker's adrenaline-pumping bass riffs filled the club with a smothering stench!! After "Voodoo Chile", VICE finished the rest of the "Do Your First" song!!

The show was over at 1:15am.

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