At the Bottom Line, NYC (7/10/00)



The O.G. keyboardist, Lonnie Jordan!!

At 7:50pm, War took to the stage. Lonnie Jordan (original War keyboardist) and the guys did the latin-tinged, funky-ass "Cisco Kid"...and everybody in the audience fucked up the lyrics! HA! HA! The rhythm guitarist was really funky on "Me and Baby Brother", along with great lead vocals by Lonnie, good saxophone riffs, and a nice breakdown in the middle of the song (featuring excellent percussion). "The World is a Ghetto" featured a nice percussion intro, good harmonica sounds, good standout bass riffs, and a really strong sax solo! Lonnie was in a really joking mood this night and really connected with the fans. The band stretched out the song's last lyric, "THE......WORLD........IS.......A........GHET.......TO!" A good ass-shaking latin groove, "Cinco de Mayo" featured the drummer on lead vocals, great latin percussion, spicy keyboard riffs, nice drumming & rhythm guitaring, and excellent sax & harmonica solos!! Lonnie did an organ solo with some scatting, before the song "All Day Music", which featured a PHAT drum solo! "Spill The Wine" featured a really cool breakdown with some choppy rhythms (drums, percussion, guitar, and keyboards). The inclusion of some nice flute and maracas was well received! The song turned into a salsa groove, complete with cowbells and a duel between the congas & the drummer!! VERY HOT!!! "Galaxy" was FONKAY with some funky bass and some mo' guitar funk! Lonnie did a mildly psychotic piano solo, before doing "Summer". "Slippin' into Darkness" featured heavy bass riffs!! There was a tribute to Bob Marley, with the inclusion of the lyrics "Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Right! Get Up, Stand Up, Don't Give Up The Fight!" The saxophonist was doing some lead vocals & chanting. "Why Can't We Be Friends" was the last song before the encore performance of "Low Rider" around 9:27pm. "Low Rider" was very funky, with its driving beat! The War set was over at 9:35pm.

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