At Sully's Pub - Hartford, CT (8/5/06)



I arrived at the WIMBASH party at 8:45pmÖfirst off, this was a special event as it was Little Axeís (Skip McDonald) birthday.

HUMP with Doug Wimbish (left), the 13-year-old guitar virtuoso (in the green dress) and Nova Wimbish (7-year-old girl, 2nd from right)!

I saw a local act called HUMP, a four-girl folk band that included a guitarist, bassist and percussionistÖall the girls are singers and the performance included a performance by two additional people, a little 7-year-old girl named Nova Wimbish (Dougís daughter) and a 13-year-old female guitar virtuoso. The set was over around 9:05pm.

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Jamie Brennan on vocals!

At 10:30pm, it was time to check a funk-rock artist named Jamie Brennan. The first song ìAfter Youî was a little taste of Jimi Hendrix-style stuff, with some heavy bass playing & red-hot Hendrix guitar blazing! ìRock ëní Roll Chickî was a funk groove with the band jumping in hard rock mode twice during the song. ìCalifornia Dayî was good, but ìAre You Lonelyî was another nasty rock tune where the drummer went totally off on his solo! ìNow Youíre in My Heartî was followed by the mellower ìYoung & Beautifulî, which featured a lead guitar solo by Jamie Brennan himself. The Jamie Brennan set was over at 11:00pm.

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Kitty Kitty Bang Bang came out at 11:25pm and did a 20-minute set of some good rock music. At this time, I cannot recall anything substantially great about this band, but the song set list was ìPolishî, ìBoredî, ìSpecial Interestî, ìAppetite for Loveî, ìDown the Drainî and ìI Hope Youíre Realî.

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Doug Wimbish in his psychotic, out-of-space bass romping!

Doug Wimbish came out with Wil Calhoun around 12:00 midnight, a keyboardist and a guitarist to perform a 20 minute setÖit was a long jam that featured some of Dougís nasty psychotic, mind-bending bass riffs (sometimes some hardcore slap-bass, sometimes more lead guitar-sounding, sometimes more like Bernie Worrellís insane WOO sounds). Match that with Wilís powerful drumming and some deliciously wild lead guitaring and you have a serious funk-rock jammingÖand letís not forget the few moments of some good organ playing!!

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Lead-axe Jean-Marx Santel with the rocking vocals of Rozz Nash!!

Red Lotus came out at 12:40am and performed five songs, most of them were some straight-up intoxicating funk-rock stuff, like the first song. ìSuperwomanî was straight up hardcore rock with the powerhouse vocals of Rozz Nash, lead guitar fire of Jean-Marx Santel, good bass riffs of Aalics Bronson, and moments of powerhouse, banging drumming by Gavin Glenn!! ìRunningî was almost equally powerful. ìFirecrackerî was slightly more mellow, but still had a rock edge to it. Their set was over around 1:10am.

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Little Axe himself, Skip McDonald!

Around 1:25am, Tackhead (featuring Little Axe himself Skip McDonald, Doug Wimbish and Keith LeBlanc) came out and performed the Jungle Funk song ìTranceî, an experience to be seen and heard with the mind-bending bass riffing of Doug, some standout guitar effects by Little Axe and solid drumming by Keith! The real kick to this performance was the inclusion of three horn players (trombone, trumpet and saxophone)!! After another song, the band went into Sugar Hill territory with the Sugar Hill Gang sang ìRapperís Delightî (featuring the music of none other than Chicís ìGood Timesî)Öthere were three white rappers onstage during the old-school hip-hop stuff. Unfortunately, the fun had to end around 2:00am. The biggest complaint about this set was that they should have played more of the Little Axe/Tackhead stuff.

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