At NXNW (North by Northwest) - Philly (10/14/05)


The Perkulator himself, Billy Perk Puryear!!!

At 9:30pm, the John Hickey Band started with the funky white boy, John Hickey, on lead vocals and guitar, doing his best original stuff, like "Means of Production" and "I Do What I Wanna Do".....with backing vocals by Gregg Fitz and the beautiful Cissy Fitz. Following that was a new song that featured some serious WOO-style synthesizer riffs by Gregg Fitz! "Down With the Ship" was a nice slice of futuristic funk with some great drumming by Troy White, followed by the funky rocker "Know Me Better". The Perkulator, Billy Perk Puryear, began brewing some serious funk on standout bassisms, for the country/funk tune "Pot Top"! "See a N" was a mixture of powerful drumming, heavy bass, nasty synthesizers and lead guitar wailing at breakneck pace! "Funk With a Capital 'G' " (a Quazar funk jam) featured a funky synthesizer freakout as the intro and Gregg's lead vocals!! "The Goose" was the highlight of the show, featuring some burning lead guitarisms, meaty bass ruffs and colossial synthesizer riffing by both Gregg and the Wizard of WOO, BERNIE WORRELL!!!!!!!!! The John Hickey Band was over at 10:15pm.

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The Fellas: friend Kevin, Kidd Funkadelic, Bernie Worrell, friend John Wesley and Dr. Brookenstein!!!

At 10:55pm, the WOO Warriors began with the Bootsy funk jam "Stretchin' Out in a Rubber Band", featuring the lead vocals and excellent scratch guitar riffs by Scott Free (who was wearing a white feather hat (looking a rhinestone rockstar monster of a doll, baby baba.....a doll for all seasons, a family doll, baby baba!)!!! "Stretchin' Out" also featured some solid bass playing by Ms. Lady Bass, Donna McPherson. "WOO Together" was followed by "Super Stupid", which started out with a slight different arrangement and some different lyrics....after a few minutes, the band went into the actual song....John Hickey set the room afire with some slammin' rock guitarisms and Keith LeBlanc was a BAD MOFO on the drums! (Keith LeBlanc is from the funk/rock band TACKHEAD) "Funkentelechy" was a super-funky bass workout (with Donna playing a part from the Ohio Players's "Fire")....and Bernie added some comical B-3 organ stuff (the song "Life Goes On")!

Kidd Funkadelic is.....BAD!! (The boy is BAD!)

"Alice in My Fantasies" was killin' with the sonic guitar blasts, but "Cosmic Slop" was the true treat with guest guitarist Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton blasting eardrums with his fiery guitar madness! Bernie played a little bit of Genesis's "That's All", before the band went into "Maggot Brain", a showcase of Kidd Funkadelic's axe-slaying skills! "Red Hot Momma" was the hardcore funk-rock ending to this show, which concluded at 12:20am.



Dr. Brookenstein (baby baba!) with Scott Free!!!

Friend John Wesley, Kidd Funkadelic and Larry

Larry and his lady

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