Bernie Worrell & the WOO Warriors: The Birthday Gig
At Downtown - Farmingdale, NY (4/20/02)



Bernie Worrell blows out his birthday cake, presented by his son-in-law and wife Judie!

The funky WOO sounds of the WOO Warriors intro filled the air of Downtown at 12:10am, starting with the funky drumming of Garry Sullivan & the thumpin' bass of Donna McPherson!! The funky, tight basslines of Lady Donna filled the air with WOO on "WOO Together", along with the groovy vocals of Sonic Voce and The Wizard of WOO, Bernie Worrell!! "Gamin' on Ya" began with Bernie doing a bit of "Jeepers Creepers".....the birthdayboy is at it again!! The duel between Bernie and Gregg "Daffy Duck" Fitz was superb! "Super Stupid" was, of course, super-hardcore with the smoking lead guitar slaying & funky vocals of The Flash!!

Sonic Voce blows out her birthday cake, presented by Judie!

"Red Hot Momma" featured the red-hot diva Sonic Voce on sizzling lead vocals and searing guitar riffs by The Flash!! "You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks" featured the devastating seismic rumble of the baddest drums in the U.S.A....featuring Garry Sullivan!!! It was 100 times stronger than a 8.5-Ritcher scale earthquake, or 500 times stronger than the quake that hit the New York area earlier that day!!!! "Biological Speculation" (YES....THE BAND DID THAT SONG!!!) was done in a slightly jazz style.....with Gregg doing the lead vocals! "Trash-a-Go-Go" was an unexpected selection for this WOO show........(Bernie, you're scaring me!!) Sonic Voce did the lead vocals and the dialogue for "Trash-a-Go-Go"!

Bernie's personal sound crew manager, Brett Grau, blows out his birthday cake, presented by hislady Kia and Judie!

"Cosmic Slop" was fierce with new WOO delegate, John Hickey, doing his thang on the fiery lead guitar solo tip!! Bernie brought up his granddaugthers, who helped him with dance moves on "Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples".....the zeep (deeper-than-deep) bass synth grooves were as funkier as an army camp taking one collective dump!!! (EEEWWWW!!!!) After the overbearing fumes of Bernie's funk took over the entire club, the performance ended at 1:55pm.


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