(featuring George Clinton, Dawn Silva & Garry Shider)

At Club Lulu's Mardi Gras - Washington, DC (6/21/03)



The Wizard of WOO, Bernie Worrell!!!

I went to Washington, DC with my friend, John Wesley, to check out Bernie Worrell and the WOO Warriors (featuring George Clinton and Dawn Silva)!! We arrived at Union Station at 6:45pm to be picked up later by his cousin, "Junior". After some hanging out in the northern part of DC, we finally got to Club Lulu's at 9:30pm. After having dinner, it was time to check out the opening act, KNEE DEEP (straight outta DC and Norwalk, CT).

At 10:00pm, KNEE DEEP started out with an instrumental jam that sounded like Funkadelic's "Take It to the Stage". Their material was basically some original stuff. The best part of that show was the really funky bassisms of D.C.'s Alex Smith! The show ended somewhere around 10:40pm.

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Dr. Brookenstein with Dawn Silva, one half of the original Brides of Funkenstein!!!

I went backstage to hang out with the WOO Warriors.....I was really delighted to see Dawn Silva in all of her beauty (AND THAT'S A LOT OF BEAUTY!)! I got photos of Dawn with me and my friends. I got a chance to get photos of George Clinton &Bernie Worrell!

Dr. Brookenstein, George Clinton and a couple of funk fans!!

At 11:50pm, the WOO Warriors began their funky set in front of a gigantic crowd (space was tighter than the crack of one's ass) tight because everyone was checking out George Clinton and Garry Shider (who surprised folks when he dropped by)! The first song was "Gamin' on Ya", featuring the keyboard wizardry of the Wizard of WOO, Bernie Worrell!! Then came the song in dedication to one of the funkiest cities, "Chocolate City" (D.C., baby baba!!)Dawn Silva came out and sang her funky ass off to "Red Hot Momma" (the song title definitely applies to her)......lead guitar riffs by John Hickey were extremely "red hot" and the drumming by Gary "G-Man" Sullivan was nasty! "Funkentelechy" was a welcomed treat, sounding so much like the album was like going back in 1977!

This brotha got a case of Shider-itis!!

Afterwards, Bernie's synthesizer riffs began to spell out "A Joyful Process"....that's right, the BW funk workout from the AMERICA EATS ITS YOUNG album!! A soft jam called "Mommy, What's a Funkadelic?" (from the first Funkadelic LP) soon became a loud, powerful jam featuring some overpowering bass funk (courtesy of Brett) and lead "axe" slaying by John Hickey!!

Dawn Silva and my friend, John Wesley!

"Smokey" was a-smokin' in everyone's brain (and ya got me singin' this sweet refrain), courtesy of Bernie's own vocalizations and the WOO-thesizer pulsing funky vibes to ya brain, baba!!! "Take Your Dead Ass Home" and "Undisco Kidd" were good, but better was Dawn's inclusion of her funky 1978 Brides hit "Disco-To-Go" including a bit of "Warship Touchante"....she had half of the room singin' "Ooh! Givin' up the funk!" and the other half singin' somethin' else!! The song became another funky tune, Bootsy's "Aah...The Name is Bootsy, Baby"!! George was out there pumpin' up the audience during this was so great to see Bernie and George together again.....and to have Dawn and Garry in the same show? Oh, the chemistry was just so damn good......"taste so good make you wanna slap your mama!" (YEAH, BOY!)

"Junior" (John Wesley's cousin) with Dawn Silva!

"One Nation Under a Groove" and "Me and My Folks, You and Your Folks" was followed by a few more is hard to remember what followed because I was running between the audience room and the backstage area taking care of business. There was a new original written by Gregg Fitz that I didn't get a chance to really check out. "Can You Get to That?" and "Bounce to This" (featuring Kendra Foster on lead vocals) were good, "Bounce to This" featuring some bad-ass lead guitarisms by John Hickey! "Cosmic Slop" was the last song to be performed and Garry Shider was singing lead vocals.....actually, Garry's voice wasn't as strong as normal and he was straining to hit the higher notes, so Gregg stepped in to further funkify the vocal part! The show was over at 2:00am.

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