At The North Star Bar - Philadelphia, PA (11/14/98)

I arrived at the North Star Bar really early, around 8:15pm. I ran into Gregg Fitz, B. J. Nelson & Mike Reuben playing a nice game of pool. About 25 minutes later, I got a chance to show Bernie Worrell the photos that I took of him and the WOO band on Thursday, November 12th at S.O.B.'s in New York City. Bernie, Gregg, Mike and B. J. really liked them, and so did Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton who decided to show up on the eve of his birthday. A few minutes later, I showed the photos to PURPLEWOO and Gabe Gonzalez. Gabe told me that he loved the pictures that I sent him of his group, Enemy Squad, at the North Star Bar on Halloween Eve '98. He said that he saw the other reviews & photos on my BROOKSYNTELECHY website, such as Morris Day & The Time at Tramps in New York City on August 13th.


At 11:00pm, the WOO Warriors began their show with (of course) the spaced-out funk track "Re-Enter Black Light (Entersection)". The show's best highlights are the liquifying funk track "Liquid Sunshine", the smoking groove of "Smokey" (with the sensational smokin' vocals of Mr. Gregg Fitz.......the funky ghost of Glen Goins), and Bernie's ass-shakin' medley of "Chocolate City", "One Nation Under a Groove", and "(Not Just) Knee Deep"!!! Gabe Gonzalez is great on the drums......his skills are very lethal to the ears, especially during the last 2 minutes of the show (during the track "Night of The Thumpasorus Peoples")!! It's so great to here the funky "Here 2 Party" track.


At 12:10am, the WOO Warriors celebrated the birthday of Mr. Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton......and Mike had his cake, too! In addition, Kidd Funkadelic played his ass off on the slammin' funk-rock tracks "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On" and "Cosmic Slop"!!! The KIDD has skills!!!


Song set listing:

·         Re-Enter Black Light (Entersection)

·         Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again

·         Red Hot Momma

·         Y-Spy

·         If You Don't Like The Effects

·         Straight Ahead

·         Here 2 Party

·         Supergroovalistic

·         Comin' Round The Mountain

·         Smokey

·         Liquid Sunshine

·         "Happy Birthday, Kidd Funkadelic"

·         Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On

·         Cosmic Slop

·         Chocolate City/One Nation Under a Groove/(Not Just) Knee Deep

·         Thumpasorus Peoples

At 12:50am, the WOO show was over!!

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