Bernie Worrell & The WOO Warriors

At Rex's Tavern - West Chester, PA (11/29/03)



At 11:50pm, Bernie Worrell & the WOO Warriors started with a super-hardcore funk-rock tour-de-force with TM Stevens (guest bassist) ripping up the air with some stank-ass bass riffs! Bernie Worrell came just in time to thin out the thick funk with some spicy synthesizer riffs!! "WOO Together" was mostly a long instrumental with Bernie singing a little of the chorus lines. Bernie played the oddities "London Bridge" and "My Country Tis O Thee". John Hickey played some of the funkiest rhythm guitar riffs! Once again, TM broke it down on the bass, stinking up Rex's with ease, and Gary Sullivan tore a big hole in Gay Street (outside) with his seismic drumming......totally LETHAL!! Gregg "Dr. Seuss" Fitz provided some of the best vocals as he instructed the fans what to do!

"Gamin' on Ya" had a false start but got on the way after Bernie did a classical tune on synthesizers! The fans were totally feeling this funky treat. "Super Stupid" was the absolute bomb with John Hickey slaying the fiery guitar--the only problem was that his mic was not turned up in the beginning! (TM and I were talking about the WOO doing that song, too!) After a bit of sound system glitches were resolved, the band warmed up to doing "Red Hot Momma"......"Red Hot Momma" was a scorching tune with some cookin' bass, sizzling guitar and marinating keyboards!! Unfortunately, I had to leave early at 1:00am....but I heard from TM that "Cosmic Slop" was long and TOO HARDCORE-FUNKY FOR WORDS!!!!

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