At the North Star Bar - Philly (12/29/00)


At 11:45pm, the WOO Warriors hit the stage with some wicked funk-rock shit called "Rock The Jungle", written by the great WOO guitarist himself, Mr. Michael "Moon" Reuben!!! Bernie Worrell came out and added some hilarious synth riffs, the last few riffs from a popular kids's song, "Pop Goes The Weasel"! "Gamin' on Ya" was full of lead guitar madness by Moon!! "Red Hot Momma" featured some supersonic lead guitar blasting, with some simmering lead vocals by the ex-Deep Banana Blackout lead vocalist, Jen Durkin!!! "Hit It & Quit It" was funky, and some was the interlude that followed.....with some B.W. revving synthesizer riffs and funkafied bass licks by Donna McPherson! "You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks" featured some more thumping bass-funk, spaced-out synth-keystrokes by Gregg Fitz, and a super-powerful drum solo by Gary Sullivan......Gary's drumming could be as devastating as a 7.5-Ritcher-scale

 earthquake!!!! "Super Stupid" was super-funky with Moon's lead vocals, and "Supergroovalistic" was groovin' with Bernie's talking synthesizer tricks!! Bernie went insane with some off-the-wall synth riffs on "Comin' Round the Mountain"! Special rhythm guitar guest Brett Grau played on "America" and "Trash-a-Go-Go".....the latter with Jen on the cowbell! (The band did a snippet of "One Nation Under a Groove", with Bernie's ultra-funky bass synth riffs!) "Baby I Owe You Something Good" featured a normal guitar intro (not the mandolin-style guitarism), which was kind of a disappointment......Gregg left the stage and came back for the second half. "Can You Get To That?" featured a snippet of "Adolescent Funk", Gregg's funky piano playing, and Moon's "Purple Rain" tribute on lead guitar!!! Gregg played a little bit of "Volunteered Slavery" (from the Bernie Worrell CD "Funk of Ages") before the band started playing "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On"!

Bernie Worrell played a classical version of Bootsy's "I'd Rather Be With You"'s sounded damn good! Bernie was having a grand ole time with the folks at the North Star Bar!!! "Up For the Down Stroke" featured many instances of all-out, excellent synthesizer craziness of Bernie!!!

Donna decided to funkatize every ass in the room with some phat bass lines to "Do That Stuff"!!! "Cosmic Slop" was the funky ending to the show, with some passionate vocals by Gregg Fitz! The show ended at 1:50am.

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