At The Moose - Doylestown, PA (3/4/05)



The amazing Wizard of WOO, Mr. Bernie Worrell (aka THE STRANGER)!!

At 11:00pm, the WOO Warriors began their funky set with the funky Bootsy delight, "Stretchin' Out in a Rubber Band", featuring the vocals of Scott was a good long jam with some stinkin' bass romps by "Lady Bass" Donna McPherson...The Wizard of WOO, Bernie Worrell (aka THE STRANGER; by the way, the documentary film on Bernie is very good...I checked it out in Washington, DC) came out and added his very animated keyboard sounds to the funk! "WOO Together" was Bernie's time to step on the soapbox and mentioned that everyone ought to be come together...and truly be "one nation under a groove". Scott Free sounded very soulful on additional lead vocals on "WOO Together"! "Gamin' on Ya" was good, especially with Lady Bass playing the ending bass riff from "Undisco Kidd". "Super Stupid" was John Hickey's moments to shine with lead vocals and powerful lead guitar freakouts! The Wizard played a little bit of "Voodoo Chile" on the keyboards, before the band jumped into the red-hot "Red Hot Momma"...unfortunately, the first three minutes of the song was plagued by problems with Bernie's keyboard equipment...the ending of the song featured a hellified drum solo by Gary "G-Man" Sullivan (I mean, so much energy that it blew out some eardrums!) "Funkentelechy" featured some outer-space sounding WOO-thesizer keys by The Wizard, and "Undisco Kidd" featured some good rhythm guitar funking by Scott!! "Cosmic Slop" was the last slammin' performance by the band....the show was over at 1:00am.

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