At the Grange Hall - NYC (12/31/02)



The Master of the B-3 organ, Mr. Bernie Worrell!!! HAPPY WOO YEAR 2003!!!!!!!!

I arrived at the Bernie Worrell B-3 (Jazz) Trio pretty late, around 12:15am, because I had some trouble finding the place. However, that did not spoil the fun on a New Year's Eve night! It was all about having fun with the WOO!! This was the jazz ensemble show featuring legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame keyboardist Bernie Worrell (of P-Funk), bassist Winston Roye (former/original WOO Warrior) and drummer Van Romaine (former/original WOO Warrior).

Bernie and company were doing a good jazz song, followed by the Worrell original from the BLACKTRONIC SCIENCE project "Blood Secrets"! The first set ended at 12:30am.

A fan of the Worrell ensemble!!

The second set began at 1:00am with an unexpected P-Funk gem....."Up For the Down Stroke". Bernie played some serious stankalicious synthesizer riffs, but there seemed to be no serious funkateers in the house!! (I have to stop going to these "mellowed-out jazz's not really worth the trip!) The trio did "Seven Laws of WOO" (yes, the PRAXIS song), an interesting jazz intrepretation of the hardcore gothic rock song! It was interesting for the first couple of minutes or so, but it became stale afterwards! "Higher Ground" (the Stevie Wonder original) was DA SHIT with some good Van Romaine drumming and the funky, percolating basslines of Winston!!!
"My Girl" was the only song where some of the audience participated vocally.....amazingly, the song took on a new level with some a reggae-style bass riff workout and funky keyboard orgasms!!!!! "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On" was another P-Funk workout that sounded close to the album version......and NOT ONE PERSON REALLY GAVE UP THE FUNK!!! OH WELL!! The second set was over at 2:00am.

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