At Peabody's - Cleveland, OH (3/02/02)



At 11:00pm, Freekbass started their funky set. It was like the show in Cincinnati, OH on Saturday, January 19, 2002, except there was no dazzling light show and the smoke machine was turned down. They started with a song that got the fans shakin' their was a funky cut with more emphasis on some heavy keyboards by Beta-17 and monstrous bass by Freekbass himself! The second song was a new one with more emphasis on some funky scratch guitar by Sean McGary and a hot sax solo by Joodi! The song suddenly segued into the heavy thumpin' bassisms of "Hear Me Play"....the audience went wild!! The next song, David Bowie's "Fame" (which is a rip-off of James Brown's "Hot (I Need to Loved, Loved, Loved, Loved)"), was a serious funk-de-fore with some hot scratching on the "good-tar" and good drumming by Swift! "She's Already There" featured a rap by Swift. "Body Over Mind" featured some standout piano-style keyboardisms (not the freakish synthesizer stuff that was made the song sounded so good on the studio version). "What's The Name of This Town?" was greeted by "Cleveland, Ohio" and "Who's Gonna Get on Down"...."FREEKBASS!!! FREEKBASS!!!" "Mission" and "Freekbass 2YK" were great, the latter being full of overpowering Mutron-maxxed, earth-shattering bassisms by Freekbass!! (Just enough to stink up the Peabody's!) "Baby Baby" started with a haunting keyboard intro, so much that I thought the band was going to play "Sense of Anxiety"! The Freekbass show was over at 12:45am.

The Freekbass experience was not quite as magical as the Cincinnati performance in January 2002. Not relating to the band or the fans in general, it would have been better if my Cordell Mosson-style eyeglasses (the signature P-Funk shades) were not "kidnapped"......courtesy of the idiot who felt compelled to pass my property like it's a reefer!!


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