At Downtown - Farmingdale, NY (Long Island) (3/30/02)



At 10:15pm, the Nappyhead Funk Army started with a majestic intro, similar to the show at Someplace Else on March 8, 2002. Vocalist Eric J. was onstage, showing off his bedsheet gown complete with funky scribblings a la Dr. Funkenstein himself, George Clinton!! "Funk Y2K Infection" was good with Prez's funky keyboarding, but "Fly on the Wall" was completely off-the-wall with some stank-ass, heavy-duty, synthesized riffs by The Pearl........The Pearl seemed to be having a grand mal seizure while on the keyboards.....the synth riffs filled the Downtown Cafe with an intoxicating scent!! "Sexy MF" featured the sexy diva Tanya Thillet on vocals. "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka" was good and "Every Dog Has Its Day" included a PG-rated version of a verse from Funkadelic's "Take Your Dead Ass Home", as requested by the funky & fearless Nappyheaded leader, #9!!! "Come Together" (dedicated to George Harrison) was da bomb......of course, thanks to the guitar army (Groovalicious, Andre "The Flash" Lassalle, and Carlton "The General" Collier)! "Red Hot Momma" was tackled perfectly by the lovely, sizzling hot, army angel herself, Tanya "First Lady of Nappyhead Funk" Thillet! Her vocals were as sizzling as the guitar army, and tight as the drumming of The Technician (Kevin Harrington)! I can't remember if it was during "Red Hot Momma" or "Jungle Boogie" that Tanya jumped to the dancefloor and did a mean split! She danced among the dazed fans (dazed at her energy level and beauty) like a madwoman! "Dirty Vamp" was great, with the inspirational words written by #9, great vocals by Tanya and #9, and a rap provided by Eric J! The outro was like the intro, but I noticed that Andre (I mean, The Flash) playing some serious hardcore guitar rock.....just enough to begin melting the speakers!! The show was over at 11:20pm.

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