At the Kirkland Cafe - Somerville, MA (3/09/02)



Sugar Daddy started their set at 11:55pm. Their performance was as good as their performance at Harper's Ferry in Allston, MA on October 4, 2001. "When You Were Funky" was just that....FONKAY, with a wet, Bootsy-influenced bass solo by Dr. Longstroke!! Cashton Keyes and Dr. Longstroke represented P-Funk well as the slammin' guitar army on "Hardcore Jollies"!! The intergalactic, spaced-out keyboardisms of Sweetstick were the order of the day for "Interplanetary Freak"!! The funky bass ruled on "Buried Sunshine", as well as the guitar rock breakdown in the middle of the song! THe fans who were dancing (only a handful) had to scrub the funk off of them on "Shower Song"! A new song that Sugar Daddy performed next had some good vocoder vocals & funky keyboard riffs by Sweetstick!! Michigan Blacksnake frontman/vocalist/guitarist Greg Luttrell joined the band for sum'n "Good to Your Earhole"......some tight druming by The Candyman and rock guitar shit by Cashton Keyes!! Greg provided some great vocals for "Earhole", but went into the chorus too soon during the third time around, where the song's opening guitar/bass riffs are repeated. "Ain't a Thang" featured more spaced-out keyboardisms, great piano-funk riffs, and some very good scratch guitaring!! The encore was "I Wanna Testify"....which sounded very different from the Parliament's versions and although it was a good performance, it was the low point of the show. The Sugar Daddy experience concluded at 12:45am.

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